Thank you to everyone who has given this web site an award. 
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  1.  The SM Zone's Heroic Site Award
  2. The SSSN's Award of Smiles
  3. Universe Award
  4. Wonderful Web Page Award
  5. Chibi's "I like Your Site" Award
  6. Sailor Moon Garden of Good Site
  7. Sailor Moon Award of Excellence 
  8. Rei's Award of Excellence
  9. Khara's Lovey Dovey Award
  10. Sailor Star's Seal of Approval
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  1. The SM Zone
  2. Sailor Scouts Silent Night
  3. Given to me by Sailor Universe!
  4. Given to me by Swift Heart
  5. Thanks!
  6. Given to me by Rachel!
  7. TC Moon's Sailor Saturn Page
  8. Given to me by Sailor Em!
  9. Given to me by Khara!
  10. StarGal's Dreamland
*Some sites have been taken down or no longer give out awards.  Because of this, I can only say thank you to those people and beg of you not to take the award pic.  Thank you.
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